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"A poet can survive everything but a misprint." –Oscar Wilde

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2014 Local Poet Recordings - to listen to the audio recordings, click on the title of the poem. 

Vivian Barcroft
"Path of the Poets"
"Those Summer Days"

Cindy Gunn
"No Ice Please"

J.B. Hogan
"Open Casket"
"Semenovski Square"
"Somebody's Father"

Houston Hughes
"City Girl"

Kate Lacy
"At the Fork in the Road"
"Be the Change"
"Camping in New Mexico 1957"
"Diogenes in Love"
"The Wind Stands Still"

Harry McDermott
"Living Among the Living Dead"
"Mother Taught Me Not to Trust My Feelings"

Moshe Newmark - The Paris Trilogy
"Gustav's Dream"
"The Moufftard is a Bustle Tonight"
"Judas Remembered"

Geoff Oelsner
"Back in Black"
"The Caravan"
"A Crow"
"First Ways of Flight"
"Rumi" - played on the Shruti Box
"Shiver of Light"
"Sometimes I Think the Goddess Might be Called EA"

Doug Shields
"Declaration of Independence from the Corporatocracy"
"War on Wasps"

Ann Teague
"Crosswood Puzzlers"
"Waiting for My Eye Exam"


To download/listen to the following audio files, right click on 'download' and select 'save as.' Select where you will store the file on your computer. You can listen to audio files on portable mp3 players as well as your computer. If you have any questions, contact the Reference Department at Questions@faylib.org or 479.856.7250.

2010 Local Poet Recordings

Cat Donnelly
“Celestial Thoughts”
“A Prisoner of Thursday”
“In My Day We Had Good Girls and Bad Girls”
“Salvia in Autumn”
“Pulling Me Under”
“Victory Served Warm for Breakfast”
“Sweet Honeysuckle and White Lies”
Download (11:25 minutes, 10.4MB, MP3)

Carolyn Guinzio
“River of Feather & Web”
“Sky &”
“A History of Stone & Shadow”
Download (4.04 minutes, 3.72 MB, MP3)
Check our catalog for more poetry by Carolyn Guinzio

Davis McCombs
“Eternal Rest”
Download (5:41 minutes, 5.21 MB, MP3)
Check library catalog for more poetry by Davis McCombs

Geoff Oelsner
“Winter Hymn at Tara”
“Birds Under the Roar”
“In Dingle”
“Yeat’s Lake Isle of Innisfree”
“Ozark Wild Rose”
“Kansas Browns”
Download (10:45 minutes, 9.89MB, MP3)
Check library catalog for more music and poetry by Geoff Oelsner

2009 Local Poet Recordings

Mendy Knott
(8:13 minutes, 4.48 MB, MP3)

Margot Lavoie
(10:01 minutes, 5.51 MB, MP3)

Ginny Masullo
(3:41 minutes, 2.02 MB, MP3)

Moshe Newmark
(13:55 minutes, 8 MB, MP3)

Geoff Oelsner
(10:43 minutes, 6.35 MB, MP3)

Clayton Scott
(8:11 minutes, 4.71 MB, MP3)

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