Fever dream / Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child.

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      1st ed.
    • ISBN:
      9780446554961 (regular edition)
      9780446566858 (large print edition)
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Booklist Reviews 2010 April #1

*Starred Review* If a movie were made from the latest Special Agent Pendergast novel, the tagline might read: "This time, it's personal." Twelve years ago, in Africa, Pendergast's wife was mauled to death by a lion after she shot at it and missed. Now, in the present day, Pendergast makes the startling discovery that his wife's gun was loaded with blanks. He enlists the aid of his old friend, New York City cop Vincent D'Agosta, to help him track down the people responsible for his wife's death and mete out some very personal justice. The Pendergast novels, beginning with 1995's Relic, are uniformly excellent, although they have grown steadily darker and more elegantly written. Singly, both authors turn out solid stand-alone thrillers, but together they reach an entirely different level, achieving a stylistic grace and thematic resonance neither has so far matched alone. This may be the best of the Pendergast novels, if for no other reason than we are permitted to see the man beneath the cold, steely exterior. For fans of the earlier novels, a definite must-read. Copyright 2010 Booklist Reviews.

LJ Reviews 2010 January #1

This is a tough case for Agent Pendergast; his wife has been murdered. How will he fare compared with Elizabeth George's Inspector Lynley (see above)? For now, buy lots. Copyright 2010 Reed Business Information.

LJ Reviews 2010 March #2

Special Agent Pendergast returns in a new thriller with personal ramifications. Twelve years earlier, he watched in horror as his wife was mauled and killed by a lion in the African veldt. Now, while digging through stuff in his Louisiana home, he stumbles on the rifle that she had with her that fateful day and discovers that it had been loaded with blanks. Pendergast quickly enlists his friend Lieutenant D'Agosta to help him uncover a crafty murderer. Their journey will unveil terrible secrets his wife kept from Pendergast during their marriage and an obsession she had with the famed naturalist-painter John James Audubon. VERDICT This is no dream; it's the authors' best book in years. Pendergast has to rein in his feelings to pay attention to the details, and it's fun to see the role reversal between him and the usually emotional D'Agosta. Not to be missed by either newcomers or die-hard fans. [See Prepub Alert, LJ 1/10.]—Jeff Ayers, Seattle P.L.

[Page 98]. Copyright 2010 Reed Business Information.

PW Reviews 2010 March #2

Preston and Child up the emotional ante considerably in their 10th thriller featuring brilliant and eccentric FBI agent Aloysius Pendergast (after Cemetery Dance), one of the best in the series. For 12 years, Pendergast has believed that the death of his wife, Helen, in the jaws of a ferocious red-maned lion in Zambia was just a tragedy, but his chance examination of the gun she carried on the fateful day reveals that someone loaded it with blanks. Pendergast drags his longtime NYPD ally, Lt. Vincent D'Agosta, into a leave of absence that includes travel to Africa as well as the American South. The motive for Helen's murder appears to be linked to her fascination with John James Audubon and her quest for a mysterious lost Audubon painting. Once again, the bestselling authors show they have few peers at creating taut scenes of suspense. Their restraint in the book's early sections make the payoffs all the more compelling. (May)

[Page 38]. Copyright 2010 Reed Business Information.