What dies in summer : a novel / Tom Wright.

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      1st American ed.
    • Abstract:
      Summary: Jim, a boy with a slight gift of premonition, and his cousin discover the body of a rape victim in a field in Los Angeles and become involved in an investigation that puts their lives in danger.
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      9780393064025 : HRD
      0393064026 : HRD
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LJ Reviews Newsletter

Besides mayflies, droughted crops, and Gore Vidal, what dies in summer is poor, murdered Tricia Venables—and this very title that brings her to us. Despite some lovely moments, few readers will have the patience for a shitshow that has about as much continuity as a slug after attacking a pillar of salt. The story's centerlessness infects the main character, a 1960s Texas tween named Jim, with incoherence. Jim lives with his Grams ‘cuz his mom don't want him, and he's around 12 when his cousin Lee Ann, who's the same age, moves in. The two share some sexual tension and weird little adventures, but Jim remains aloof as a character. First-time author Wright is practically aberrant in refusing to get on with the freakin' story. Wtf is Jim's ‘night visitor'? Why does his mother's boyfriend hate him? What's up with that dude they met at the liquor store? The book is doubly frustrating as Wright is particularly good at description, e.g., a preacher is "…a big, hearty, pink man who looked as if he'd been squirted down into his clothes like drive-in ice cream…" But descriptions do not a novel make, and the problems are compounded by Jim's insightful, expressive, completely unrealistic idealism; 12-year-old boys don't absolve abusive stepfathers while still woozy from the beating. BFD looks forward to the next Wright book. — Douglas Lord "Books for Dudes" LJ Reviews 9/6/12 (c) Copyright 2011. Library Journals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc. No redistribution permitted.

PW Reviews 2012 April #3

A fatherless boy who has "a touch of the Sight" teams up with his only cousin to find a killer in Wright's seductively suspenseful coming-of-age novel. Teenager James Beaudry lives in Texas with his sage Gram, who has raised him with a stern hand and warm heart. All is bucolic until cousin Lee Ann ("L.A.") arrives, shaken by some domestic trauma. Just as L.A. warms to life at Gram's, James has a vision of a dead girl, a vision eerily confirmed when he and L.A. discover the brutalized body of a local girl. Soon James and L.A. discover that someone has been snooping in their house, and that the dead girl they found was just one of a string of murders. Their sleuthing is aided by James's continued visions of dead girls who impart a cryptic message that could place L.A. in harm's way. Wright, a practicing psychologist, expertly weaves together a literary tapestry of self-discovery, brutal sadistic violence, custodial battles, and tender, burgeoning sexuality, leaving readers spellbound by a story that delivers on several levels. The author's impressive, multitiered storytelling talents are on brilliant display in this entrancing, impressive debut. Agent: Victoria Hobbs, A.M. Heath, U.K. (June)

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