West : a novel / Carys Davies.

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      First Scribner hardcover edition.
    • Abstract:
      Summary: When widower John Cyrus Bellman learns of colossal animal bones found in Kentucky, he leaves his daughter on their Pennsylvania farm and heads west in search of the unknown animals.
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Booklist Reviews 2018 March #1

*Starred Review* You might argue that John Cyrus Bellman is going through a midlife crisis. After all, what would possess a widower with a young daughter, Bess, to leave her behind with her aunt and embark on a seemingly improbable mission across the great American plains, hoping to come across the monster animals he has only read about? News of discovered fossils only adds fuel to his fire, and John sets off on an increasingly perilous journey, befriending a scrawny and clever Shawnee boy. Set in the early nineteenth century, Davies' slender first novel has all the heft of a sprawling western classic. As John's and Bess' paths increasingly diverge, his goals seem like a mirage. "He began to feel that he might have broken his life on this journey, that he should have stayed at home with the small and the familiar instead of being out here with the large and the unknown." In a tightly knit, compulsively readable tale, Davies precisely captures the spirit of untamed curiosity and middle-aged ennui that would have us abandon established societal norms and everything we hold dear only to follow our hearts to uncertain outcomes. Copyright 2018 Booklist Reviews.

LJ Reviews 2017 November #2

Davies offers a slender but capaciously conceived debut novel about a recently widowed mule breeder who buries his grief by departing Pennsylvania for the great frontier, where the discovery of mammoth animal bones is sparking imaginations. Alas, he leaves behind young daughter Bess to tend the farm. Davies won the 2015 Frank O'Connor Short Story Award.

Copyright 2017 Library Journal.

LJ Reviews 2018 February #1

Twelve years after the Lewis and Clark expedition, widowed John Cyrus Bellman learns about gigantic animal bones discovered in Kentucky and is inspired by visions of giant beasts still roaming the earth to journey into unknown territory. Leaving behind his ten-year-old daughter, Bess, with his sister Julie and hired hand Elmer Jackson to run the farm, Bellman heads west on horseback. He trades with natives, hitches rides with traders, hunts, fishes, writes to Bess, and records notes and sketches in his journal. He also survives the first winters only because a fur trader finds him an Indian guide. The young Native boy comes with a narrow canoe, a knowledge of the wilderness, and a grudge against those who forced his people off their land. Back in Pennsylvania, no one believes Bellman will return. Bess has received no letters from her father, and Elmer feels emboldened to gain control of the farm. The outcome is predictable, but the author saves a few surprises for an ending sure to grab readers' attention. VERDICT This spare first novel from Frank O'Connor International Short Story Award winner Davies incorporates early American history to lend deep truths to the narrative's alternating stories. Her graceful prose and sharp observations make this absorbing debut a standout. [See Prepub Alert, 10/16/17.]—Donna Bettencourt, Mesa Cty. P.L., Grand Junction, CO

Copyright 2018 Library Journal.

PW Reviews 2018 February #3

In her transfixing first novel, Davies (author of the story collection The Redemption of Galen Pike) tells a stark story about exploration and extinction on the American continent. Driven by wanderlust to leave his small British village, Cy Bellman sets up a mule farm in rural Pennsylvania in the early 19th century. Reports of the discovery of large fossils in the Kentucky mud, "bones... that were bleached and pale and vast, like a wrecked fleet or the parched ribs of a church roof," kindles his imagination more than his farm's jennies and jacks: "it seemed possible that, through the giant animals, a door into the mystery of the world would somehow be opened." Davies conveys the simultaneous ridiculousness and nobility of Bellman's obsession, which compels this Don Quixote in a stovepipe hat to leave his daughter to determine whether mammoth beasts still wander the nation's vast western expanse. Bell's Sancho Panza is a teenage Shawnee orphan girl hired to guide the strange man in his search. Their haphazard, perilous, and occasionally dreamlike traipse is mesmerizing, as is the complex relationship that develops between the two. Though the ending may come across as formulaic, it is nonetheless dramatically satisfying and doesn't detract from this otherworldly novel. Agent: Bill Clegg, the Clegg Agency. (Apr.)

Copyright 2018 Publishers Weekly.