The Washington decree : a novel / Jussi Adler-Olsen ; translated by Steve Schein.

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      Summary: Sixteen years before Democratic Senator Bruce Jansen was elected president of the United States, a PR stunt brought together five very different people: fourteen-year-old Dorothy "Doggie" Rogers, small-town sheriff T. Perkins, single mother Rosalie Lee, well-known journalist John Bugatti, and the teenage son of one of Jansen's employees, Wesley Barefoot. In spite of their differences, the five remain bonded by their shared experience and devotion to their candidate. For Doggie, who worked the campaign trail with Wesley, Jansen's election is a personal victory: a job in the White House, proof to her Republican father that she was right to support Jansen, and the rise of an intelligent, clear-headed leader with her own ideals. But the triumph is short-lived: Jansen's pregnant wife is assassinated on election night, and the alleged mastermind behind the shooting is none other than Doggie's own father. When Jansen ascends to the White House, he is a changed man, determined to end gun violence by any means necessary. Rights are taken away as quickly as weapons. International travel becomes impossible. Checkpoints and roadblocks destroy infrastructure. The media is censored. Militias declare civil war on the government. The country is in chaos, and Jansen's former friends each find themselves fighting a very different battle, for themselves, their rights, their country...and, in Doggie's case, the life of her father, who just may be innocent.--Provided by Publisher.
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      Washington Dekretet. English
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Booklist Reviews 2018 July #1

Six people—Dorothy "Doggie" Rogers, Wesley Barefoot, Rosalie Lee, Sheriff T. Perkins, journalist John Bugatti, and Virginia U.S. Senator Bruce Jansen—are bound forever when they witness the assassination of Jansen's wife during a goodwill trip to China. Fifteen years later, Doggie and Wesley are dedicated workers on Jansen's victorious presidential campaign. But, on election night, instead of cheering Jansen's acceptance speech, they witness the assassinations of his second wife and unborn child. Doggie's father, a vocal critic of Jansen, is arrested for masterminding the assassination. Now the president, Jansen responds with a law-and-order agenda: executive orders that declare a state of emergency, invoke FEMA's broad domestic powers, and rescind constitutional rights on everything from free speech to bearing arms. When America's militias turn against the government, Jansen finds justification to execute political opponents and wield autocratic control. Adler-Olsen weaves a thought-provoking dystopia through the experiences of Jansen's inner circle: Doggie and T. Perkins, risking death to implicate a powerful enemy in the assassination; Wesley, forced to remain Jansen's press secretary or face death; Bugatti, hunted while documenting the government's abuses; and, Rosalie, who clings to the hope that Jansen's measures will save her sons from a life of crime. A hauntingly timely political thriller, flawed only in that its conclusion shifts despotic chaos into an idealized democratic rebirth too neatly. Copyright 2018 Booklist Reviews.

LJ Reviews 2018 March #2

Top-of-the-heap Danish writer Adler-Olsen set this book in America, where 14-year-old Dorothy "Doggie" Rogers is among a group of dedicated campaign works who helped elect Democratic senator Bruce Jansen president. When Jansen's pregnant wife is assassinated—by Doggie's rabid Republican father, no less—Jansen cracks down hard. Written a decade ago and still relevant.

Copyright 2018 Library Journal.

LJ Reviews 2018 June #2

Written in 2006, Adler-Olsen's ("Department of Q" series) prescient stand-alone thriller depicts the fall of democracy when the U.S. government is dominated by personal agendas and abuse of power. A public relations stunt for Democratic senator Bruce Jansen brings an unlikely group together; 16 years later, after Jansen is elected president, they reconnect to protect America from dictatorship. In the wake of his pregnant wife's assassination on election night, Jansen is determined to end gun violence. Using presidential executive orders and the Federal Emergency Management Agency's authority, Jansen and his loyal cabinet create a police state in which the Constitution is suspended and the Bill of Rights is invalidated. Congress is shut down. Undocumented immigrants are deported, borders are closed, and the press is censored. Opponents disappear. White House employee Dorothy "Doggie" Rogers and press secretary Wesley Barefoot must work with their old friends from the PR campaign—Sheriff T. Perkins, charismatic Rosalie Lee, and NBC journalist John Bugatti—to convince Americans that the new order is the product of a treacherous coup. VERDICT As with Sinclair Lewis's It Can't Happen Here, this nightmarish portrait reveals how easily democracy can slide into autocracy, scaring the apathy out of readers. [See Prepub Alert, 2/11/18.]—K.L. Romo, Duncanville, TX

Copyright 2018 Library Journal.

PW Reviews 2018 June #2

First published in Denmark in 2006, Adler-Olsen's far-fetched political thriller plays out in a near-future Washington, D.C., where newly elected President Bruce Jansen tries to centralize power by suspending parts of the Constitution. Convinced the country is headed for ruin after his wife's assassination, Jansen takes several measures to severely limit civil rights. Meanwhile, wealthy hotel magnate Bud Curtis, a political rival of the president, is arrested for the killing of Jansen's wife. The arrest complicates the career of Curtis's daughter, Doggie, who has worked for Jansen for many years. As her father's execution date nears—the death penalty runs rampant in this milieu—Doggie abandons her White House job and sets out to prove her father's innocence. The ponderous plot moves in ways that strain belief. Fans of the author's long-running Department Q crime series (The Scarred Woman, etc.) won't find much to like. Agent: Rudi Urban Rasmussen, Politiken Literary Agency (Denmark). (Aug.)

Copyright 2018 Publishers Weekly.