Street freaks / Terry Brooks.

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      Summary: Receiving a dire warning immediately before his father disappears, Ash finds himself hunted in a futuristic mega-city where he searches for help from a human and part-human underworld.
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Booklist Reviews 2018 September #1

Ash Collins leads an isolated and comfortable life until he receives his father's dire warning to flee his home and go to the Red Zone and find Street Freaks. Immediately after the message comes through, the front door of his sky-tower condo explodes. As instructed, Ash flees into the Red Zone—a contained and isolated area of the city governed by the strong, rather than by the rule of law—just ahead of the crimson-clad hazmat team and the fearsome Achilles Pod. Ash tracks down the Street Freaks, a group of futuristic outcasts using their various genetic alterations and mechanical augmentations to carve out a life for themselves in the world of high-tech street racing. Now it is up to Ash and his new friends to figure out the connection between his father's work at the BioGen corporation and the danger he warned Ash about. Fans of Brooks (The Skaar Invasion?, 2018) who are curious how the fantasy master deals with a science-fiction world should like this one. Copyright 2018 Booklist Reviews.

LJ Reviews 2018 August #1

Ashton Collins's world explodes when deadly, robotic Hazmat agents burst into his apartment moments after he receives a frantic vidview message from his father: "Go into the Red Zone. Go to Street Freaks." A fugitive from the heartless Achilles Pod task force, Ash finds refuge—and perhaps a new family—in the Red Zone, the only area of this futuristic, dystopian version of California where people like the Street Freaks are tolerated. Readers will wonder along with Ash about the role he has to play among the likes of Holly (a cyborg), Tommy (a lab-grown soldier-turned-street racer), and Cay, a synthetic girl. The present-tense prose style lends immediacy to the action as the most urgent questions keep shifting. The answers speak to Brooks's (The Sword of Shannara) exploration of what makes us human—and what makes us loyal. VERDICT Sf fans will applaud this fast-paced thriller, which has enough espionage, mystery, and dystopian elements to satisfy readers in these related genres.—Sara Scoggan, Fishkill, NY

Copyright 2018 Library Journal.

PW Reviews 2018 August #1

After his extremely popular (and massive) Shannara series of heroic fantasy novels, Brooks takes an unexpected turn to a smooth standalone near-future dystopia. Teenage Ash Collins runs from the authorities after his scientist father is murdered. Though his treacherous uncle, Cyrus, has control of all the manpower and gadgets that should be able to capture Ash, the boy manages to reach the outlaw enclave Red Zone and connect with the kids who live there. In particular, he makes it to Street Freaks, a combination of custom street racer machine shop and criminal hacker den—and a refuge for "?'tweeners," young people who have been mechanically or biologically twisted and augmented by uncaring adults until they are no longer considered quite human. Ash is relieved to have found a new, genuine family, but he still isn't safe from the people who are hunting a secret that he doesn't even know he has. Brooks efficiently mixes teen angst with fast, cinematic action, but the result is neither new nor exciting. (Oct.)

Copyright 2018 Publishers Weekly.