Buck fever / Ben Rehder.

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      1st ed.
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      Summary: With deer season just around the corner, game warden John Marlin is busy answering poaching complaints, but the situation takes a deadly turn when a man in a deer suit is found shot at the Circle S Ranch.
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Booklist Monthly Selections - #1 August 2002

First-novelist Rehder makes several rookie mistakes. He's sloppy with exposition (in one chapter, an injured man tries to keep his stitches dry in the shower; in the next, he showers again because " the nurse had told him to clean his stitches at least twice a day"), and he often condescends to a cast of rural rubes who might be refugees from Jeff Foxworthy's redneck routines. But Rehder gets more things right than wrong in this fast-paced comic thriller, which comes within shooting distance of Hiaasen and Leonard territory. Texas game warden John Marlin, a likable lawman who reveres his state's hunting tradition, must stop a drug-smuggling conspiracy at a game ranch owned by a legendary political fixer. Along the way, Marlin crosses horns with a corrupt sheriff, Colombian gangsters, and a pair of poachers who propel the action with increasingly ridiculous schemes. A drug-addled veterinarian, a biologist who gets too close to the wildlife, and some clever one-liners--one jerk's forehead is "split open like an aging dashboard"--help keep this promising debut near the target. ((Reviewed August 2002)) Copyright 2002 Booklist Reviews

LJ Reviews 2002 September #1

County game warden John Marlin and Sheriff Herbert Mackey lock horns when two dumb-and-dumber poachers accidentally shoot another idiotic guy wearing a deer costume. The poachers also wound a particularly rambunctious big-antlered buck, which just happens to be Marlin's former pet. Elsewhere in the county, a body is discovered beneath a shoddily repaired bridge, and a slick, drug-dealing Colombian comes looking for a game, ranch-owning, crooked lobbyist. This is a wild and crazy first novel, crowded with weird people, unusual relationships (both animal and human), and frequent humor that will appeal to fans of Carl Hiaasen, Tim Dorsey, and other comic mystery writers. Strongly recommended for most collections. Copyright 2002 Cahners Business Information.

PW Reviews 2002 August #4

It's not easy to be consistently absurd for an entire book. This debut novel is a complete success, tearing out of Texas chock-full of characters so nutty and events so strange it seems as if they must be real. Game warden John Marlin has been best friends with Phil Colby since grade school. Marlin essentially grew up on the vast spread of the Colby ranch, and he was nearly as crushed as Colby when the ranch was lost. The new owner, Roy Swank, is as greedy and unscrupulous a man as Texas can produce-and everyone knows Texas does things in a big way. Swank can be petty, too: he insisted Colby leave his tame deer, aptly named Buck, pointing out that native whitetails belong to the state. Swank has set up a profitable deer farm, and hunting season is right around the corner. He's got a big opening day planned, complete with rich and famous guests. Marlin, meanwhile, comes across some white powder that spilled from a poached deer-one that belongs to Swank. There's also a wildlife biologist dressed up as a doe, a doe dressed in stiletto heels and a garter belt, as well as some frequently drunk good ol' boys named Red and Billy Don. Rehder gives Marlin a little time to talk about hunting, to explain that it doesn't have to be merely a killing spree. Although his observations seem somewhat forced, it's probably a worthwhile interjection. The writing here is confident and vigorous; the tone is quintessentially Texan and relentlessly wry. There's sure to be a long career for this happy, wacky series. (Sept. 16) Copyright 2002 Cahners Business Information.