A murder unmentioned : a Rowland Sinclair mystery / Sulari Gentill.

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      First U.S. edition.
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      Summary: The black sheep of a wealthy 1930s grazier dynasty, gentleman artist Rowland Sinclair often takes matters into his own hands. When the matter is murder, there are consequences. For nearly 14 years, Rowland has tried to forget, but now the past has returned. A newly-discovered gun casts light on a family secret long kept - a murder the Sinclairs would prefer stayed unsolved. As old wounds tear open, the dogged loyalty of Rowland's inappropriate companions is all that stands between him and the consequences of a brutal murder - one he simply failed to mention.
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Booklist Reviews 2018 December #1

After returning from a disturbing visit to Nazi Germany in 1934, Australian aristocrat Rowland Sinclair is diverted from warning his countrymen about Hitler's fascist regime when he becomes a murder suspect. It starts when the gun that killed his father 13 years earlier is found on the family estate, raising questions about the long-held contention that Henry Sinclair was shot by an unknown burglar who fled the scene. Then Charlie Hayden, the manager whom Henry ordered to brutally flog Rowland when his son was a boy, is found beaten to death on one of the Sinclair properties. Both murders cast suspicion on Rowland, but he and his older brother, Wilfred, suspect one another of killing their father. Even with plot elements of murder, revenge, deceit, and kidnapping, Gentill keeps the atmosphere from turning oppressively dark with her stylish prose and the buoyant presence of Rowland's three housemates and his six-year-old nephew, Ernie. This sixth entry in the Rowland Sinclair series, which blends historical figures seamlessly with fictional ones, clarifies and advances the family dynamics of its appealing protagonist, which should delight fans and win new readers. Copyright 2018 Booklist Reviews.

PW Reviews 2018 November #1

Australian author Gentill's enjoyable sixth Rowland Sinclair mystery (after 2018's Gentlemen Formerly Dressed) explores the early life of her amateur sleuth. When Rowland was 15, his father, Henry, died under mysterious circumstances. Now, in 1933—13 years later—the gun that killed Henry has been discovered on the grounds of the Sinclair family home in New South Wales, and the investigation into the crime has been reopened. Rowland arrives back at the estate, where his straitlaced brother, Wilfred, has taken up residence, and the authorities are soon questioning each of them about his possible role in Henry's death. Rowland's "Leninist friends"—an arty pack that includes a landscape painter, a sculptress, and a chap with poetic leanings—show up to provide moral and investigative support. Each chapter begins with a brief excerpt from an Australian publication, such as the Camperdown Chronicle, that offers insights into the popular culture of the times. Fans of historical mysteries will find a lot to savor. (Jan.)

Copyright 2018 Publishers Weekly.