A town called Malice : a novel / Adam Abramowitz.

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      First Edition.
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      Summary: A bike messenger navigates Boston's gritty underworld of gangsters and blood money in this novel with more twists and turns than Boston's streets. Boston's baddest bike messenger Zesty Meyers is back in town...Bosstown. Zesty's life seems to be settling down after his last hospital visit and family secret reveal. But when his brother Zero starts acting oddly and pairs up with an unemployed Rabbi, Zesty knows something is awry. Then his father's old friend Klaussen turns up with stories from their run-ins with Boston's finest. His father's Alzheimer's has left Zesty and Zero with minimal knowledge of the past and rumors of the darkest of blood money. From shady bars to college campus underground poker leagues, Zesty's speeding towards trouble. Now Zesty must put his poker face on while he winds through the streets of Boston desperately trying to uncover his father's memory before Klaussen and his past catch up with him.
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      "Thomas Dunne Books."
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Booklist Reviews 2019 February #2

It's a blast of an opening, promising a wild ride. Friends are ending their evening in a Boston club when the door explodes with "a waterfall of glass cascading to the sidewalk," followed by "the soft oxygen pop of ignition" and a deadly orange fire. The narrator is bike messenger Zesty Meyers, the sort cops and reporters love because he goes everywhere, and people don't watch what they say around him. No surprise when he's hired for a surveillance job. The surprise comes as we watch the mystery plot nearly vanish while Zesty turns into a young curmudgeon, grumbling incessantly about the crummy twenty-first century: Pottery Barns and Apple stores, "high-priced galleries, million-dollar condos, Art Deco streetlights." Plus a long sequence on the history and interior of a Loews Hotel. There's a crime story here, about shell companies and Bitcoins, but Zesty is more interested in the damage done to Boston by the Ted Williams Tunnel. Read this for the series of well-crafted musings and anecdotes, trying not to mind the wobbling narrative line. Copyright 2019 Booklist Reviews.

PW Reviews 2019 January #3

A crafty plot and a nuanced look at gentrified Boston lifts Abramowitz's impressive second mystery featuring bike messenger and would-be stand-up comic Zesty Meyers (after 2017's Bosstown). Zesty has a mixed record with law enforcement, having taken the Fifth when he was called before a federal grand jury to testify against a crook accused of tax evasion, but he remains on good terms with homicide detective Batista Wells, who was involved in the case. One night, Batista walks into Nick's Comedy Stop, where Zesty is performing, with Anitra Tehran, a Boston Globe investigative reporter. At the end of the show, someone throws a Molotov cocktail at Anitra, who escapes largely unscathed. The question remains which of her recent stories, including an exposé of gang infiltration of a touted midnight basketball league and a deep dig into real estate bought by Eastern Europeans to launder money, triggered the attempted hit. Robert B. Parker fans will appreciate Abramowitz's depiction of the darker corners of Beantown. Agents: Meg Ruley and Rebecca Scherer, Jane Rotrosen Agency. (Mar.)

Copyright 2019 Publishers Weekly.