You fit the pattern / Jane Haseldine.

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      First Kensington hardcover edition.
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      Summary: "Crime writer Julia Gooden has just completed the most important story of her life--a book about her beloved brother's childhood abduction and how she found his killer after thirty years. But that hasn't taken her focus off her day job--especially with what looks to be a serial killer terrorizing the city. Female runners are being snatched off jogging trails, then slaughtered in abandoned churches. As Julia begins investigating, with help from Detective Raymond Navarro, she realizes just how personal this case has become. The murders, planned and executed with uncanny precision, are of women who share traits with Julia. Now he's contacting her directly, insisting things will get much worse unless Julia makes him famous through her writing. But no matter how skillfully she plays along, her opponent's ultimate goal is clear. And only by unraveling the threads that link a killer's twisted mind to her own dark past can Julia prevent herself from becoming his final victim . . ."
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Booklist Reviews 2019 March #1

Having finished writing a book about her brother's murder, Detroit newspaper reporter Julia Gooden returns to the newsroom just in time to take on a juicy serial-killer story. The Magic Man is murdering runners (like Julia) who are single mothers (like Julia) and fit in a size-two blue dress (like the one Julia wore to a public event recently). When the killer finally breaks down and calls Julia, there can be no doubt that this is all to capture her attention. And, ultimately, her. Julia has her customary backup—police officer and not-so-secret boyfriend Raymond Navarro. She's also joined by an old friend from the New Orleans PD who can shed some insight on the voodoo allusions that are the killer's calling card. As in the previous three installments of this suspenseful series (Worth Killing For, 2018), Haseldine does a good job leaving the door open for a number of suspects, making Julia's safety a constant, unnerving uncertainty. Copyright 2019 Booklist Reviews.

PW Reviews 2019 February #2

In Haseldine's entertaining if predictable fourth mystery featuring Detroit crime reporter Julia Gooden (after 2018's Worth Killing For), a murderer dubbed the Magic Man Killer is abducting female runners and killing them in abandoned churches—and the victims all bear a striking resemblance to Julia. Fresh off a sabbatical to write a book about her brother, Ben, who was kidnapped and murdered as a child, Julia is ready to pursue the story. Julia asks her old friend, New Orleans cop Douglas Prejean, for help after occult symbols are found at the murder scenes, and her boyfriend, Det. Raymond Navarro, takes charge of the investigation. The Magic Man Killer leads Julia on a macabre scavenger hunt using clues that dare Julia to find his next victim before it's too late. The suspense rises as it becomes clear that Julia is his ultimate prize. A smart, fearless reporter, Julia is more than able to hold her own in high-stakes situations. Readers who enjoy breathlessly paced crime novels with just a hint of the otherworldly will be pleased. Agent: Priya Doraswamy, Lotus Lane Literary. (Apr.)

Copyright 2019 Publishers Weekly.