We contain multitudes / Sarah Henstra.

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      First edition.
    • Abstract:
      Summary: As pen pals for a high school English assignment, poetry-loving sophomore Jonathan and popular-athlete senior Adam explore their growing relationship through a series of letters.
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Booklist Reviews 2019 March #1

*Starred Review* Where to begin? This novel's conceit is that it consists entirely of letters exchanged by two boys as part of a sophomore English class project. Adam Kurlansky and Jonathan Hopkirk (or Kurl and Little Jo, as they address each other) make an unlikely couple. Kurl is taciturn, expressionless, and an erstwhile football player who has quit the team under mysterious circumstances. Little Jo is a short, slender, openly gay boy, who idolizes the poet Walt Whitman, whose words become a leitmotif of this remarkable novel. Both boys are gifted writers, and their letters grow increasingly artful as they get to know each other on and off the page—and subsequently fall in love. However, this is not the denouement but rather the beginning of a closely examined relationship that, as the two unusually introspective boys describe it in their letters, becomes almost philosophical. This is an absolutely extraordinary work of fiction that illustrates how artful epistolary novels can be. Kurl and Jo are characters to die for, emotionally compelling and empathetic. Their quotidian lives are riveting and their story unforgettable. At one point, Jo describes a novel he's reading by saying, "I can't even summarize the plot; it's that strange and sad and marvelous a story." There's no better way to describe Henstra's own novel. It is not to be missed. Grades 9-12. Copyright 2019 Booklist Reviews.

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2019 Fall

Henstra uses the epistolary format with great success in this novel about the burgeoning romance between sophomore Jonathan Hopkirk ("Jo"), an openly gay poetry and music lover, and senior football star Adam Kurlansky ("Kurl"). Perhaps there's melodrama in this couple's beautiful love, and in how spectacularly it's challenged by devastating conflicts, but this is what makes the book such an epic, sweeping romance--and gay teens deserve more of those. Copyright 2019 Horn Book Guide Reviews.

Horn Book Magazine Reviews 2019 #4

Henstra uses the epistolary format with great success in this novel about the burgeoning friendship, and eventual romance, between two very different high school boys. Sophomore Jonathan Hopkirk ("Jo") is an openly gay poetry and music lover who wears only vintage clothing (described as "Walt Whitman…cosplay"); unsurprisingly, he is ruthlessly bullied. Football star Adam Kurlansky ("Kurl"), repeating twelfth-grade English, is paired with Jo as a pen pal for a letter-writing assignment; Kurl has a reputation as a fighter due to his frequent bruises and black eyes. Over the course of their correspondence, these characters reveal that they are, in fact, not so different in the ways that matter. However, each is himself a truly unique teen—in narrative voice as well as in life experience and emotional landscape. Throughout their letters, a memorable supporting cast emerges: Jo's rebellious sister and bluegrass-playing widower father; Kurl's mysterious older brother and his abusive uncle-turned-stepfather. Also nicely particular is the setting of Minnesota around the 2016 death of beloved local Prince, whose music plays as much a role in the story as does poetry (the title is a Whitman reference, after all). The romance between the teens proves emotionally intimate, and quite sexy; and perhaps there's hyperbole and melodrama in how achingly beautiful this couple's love is, and in how spectacularly it is challenged by devastating conflicts. But this is what makes the book such an epic, sweeping romance—and gay teens deserve more of those. katrina hedeen July/Aug p.129 Copyright 2019 Horn Book Magazine Reviews.