Not if I can help it / Carolyn Mackler.

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      First edition.
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      Summary: Willa lives on the upper West Side of Manhattan with her divorced father and her younger brother and attends fifth grade with her best friend Ruby, and she likes things to be a certain way, because it makes life manageable even with her Sensory Processing Disorder; she certainly does not like surprises, and her father has just thrown her a big one: he has been dating Ruby's mother, and suddenly Willa's life seems to be spiraling out of her control--and part of the trouble is that she cannot even explain why she thinks this is a horrible idea, when everyone else thinks that it is wonderful.
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Booklist Reviews 2019 July #1

Willa, who lives with her little brother and their divorced father during the school year, has barely adjusted to the news that Dad has been dating her best friend Ruby's mother, when he announces that they'll be getting married soon. For a kid who doesn't like change, that's a lot to take in, and it doesn't help that Ruby is so positive about their parents' relationship. Can their close friendship survive step-sisterhood? Will Ruby think her friend is weird when she finds out about Willa's sensory processing issues? With help from her wide support network, Willa copes with her troubles while mentoring a lonely, withdrawn kindergartner. The contrast between her fretful reactions to change and Ruby's enthusiastic ones helps define the two characters. Always in touch with her feelings, Willa makes a sympathetic, highly articulate narrator. In the appended acknowledgments section, Mackler mentions her first-hand knowledge of sensory processing disorder and the help that is available. While Willa's sensory issues aren't at the forefront of the narrative, readers will gain awareness as they read her story. Grades 4-6. Copyright 2019 Booklist Reviews.

Horn Book Magazine Reviews 2019 #5

On the cusp of middle school, eleven-year-old Willa Anderson Grover suddenly learns that her divorced father has been dating her best friend Ruby Chaudhary's mother. Hurt and worried, Willa (whose sensory processing issues contribute to her dislike of change) is jealous when her dad and Ruby begin to bond. Preferring to keep her sensory challenges private, Willa agonizes over Ruby and her mother's plan to move into the Manhattan apartment Willa shares with her father and younger brother. Willa's accessible first-person narration provides relatable information about her interests (her love of dogs and LEGOs), and the feelings of alienation and turmoil she experiences surrounding the parental romance and rift in her friendship with Ruby; readers witness the sensory issues becoming exacerbated by the mounting changes. Comfortingly, the adults in the girls' lives work together to help them feel supported as they adjust to their places in a newly blended family. Per the appended author's note, Mackler's son was the story's inspiration; Willa's everyday interactions help demystify sensory processing challenges, and her humor, honest reactions, and strong sense of identity offer readers going through their own big changes some solace and understanding. julie roach September/October p.94 Copyright 2019 Horn Book Magazine Reviews.

PW Reviews 2019 May #4

Mackler (The Universe Is Expanding and So Am I) delivers an up-close look at Sensory Processing Disorder through this bighearted story about a girl's tumultuous fifth-grade year. Willa Grover, who is white, is best friends with Indian American Ruby Chaudhary; they're in the same class on Manhattan's Upper West Side. They both like gummy bears and cold treats, but Ruby is easygoing while worrier Willa dislikes change. Willa doesn't want most people, even Ruby, to know that she sees an occupational therapist twice a week. Her daily life with her father, little brother, and babysitter has settled into a comfortable routine after her parents' divorce, even though she often feels "Invisible Weird"—privately out of step with those around her. So when her father and Ruby's mother announce they're dating, Willa feels that her carefully constructed world is being unfairly squeezed. Willa's supportive mom and stepdad live a couple hours away, and a classmate seems determined to make Willa even more uncomfortable. Drawing from her own family's experience, Mackler creates authentic characters and honest situations, pulling readers into a warm, involving story about a girl navigating adolescence while coping with personal challenges and inevitable changes. Ages 8–12. Agent: Jodi Reamer, Writers House. (July)

Copyright 2019 Publishers Weekly.