Forever and a duke / Grace Burrowes.

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      First edition.
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      Summary: "Wrexham, Duke of Elsmore, is overrun by family obligations. With three sisters to escort about Town, a legion of cousins to look after, and aunties who insist he dance with every eligible young woman, he barely has time to manage his dukedom. When he finally carves out a moment to evaluate his family's finances, he learns that he and his sisters are on the verge of social catastrophe. Eleanora Hatfield has an uncanny knack for numbers, but she knows from experience that dealing with the peerage can only lead to problems. Though she wants nothing to do with any titled gentleman, she reluctantly agrees to help when Rex seeks aid from her employer. What starts out as an unwanted assignment soon leads to forbidden kisses and impossible longings. But with scandal haunting Ellie's past and looming in Rex's future, how can true love lead to anything but heartbreak?"
    • Notes:
      Includes novella: The lady in red / Kelly Bowen.
    • Other Titles:
      Forever & a duke.
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Booklist Reviews 2019 September #2

Rex, Duke of Elsmore, asks friend and financier Quinn Wentworth for the loan of his esteemed bank auditor, Eleanora Hatfield, to discover what's going wrong with his family finances. Ellie can easily spot embezzling tricks as she comes from a family of forgers. She desperately tamps down anything personal about herself, to keep her background a secret and works hard to keep her unusual career going. But she enjoys Rex's company, especially arguing with him. Rex finds that he can't stay away from the smart, feisty woman, who is showing him which members of his family he can't trust. A private country getaway brings their romantic feelings to the forefront. Ellie knows she loves him, but is afraid of her family's past. Rex is determined to marry her and solve the problems blocking his family finances. Fascinating details about money games heighten the fun in another smart story from popular Burrowes. Fans of Amanda Quick and Brenda Joyce's Cahill mysteries should enjoy this. Copyright 2019 Booklist Reviews.

LJ Reviews 2019 October

Wrexham, Duke of Elsmore, is struggling to balance his account ledgers and suspects his money is mysteriously disappearing, the culprit yet to be identified. With his sisters being courted and estates relying on those funds, it's vital he discover where the problems are occurring and to solve them. Ellie Hatfield knows numbers inside out, as well as a array of financial schemes that can be used to fudge records, and is recommended to Rex to assist in his financial review. If word got out that the Duke of Elsmore was having financial difficulties, both his family and the family's bank would be ruined. Forced to meet in secret, Rex and Ellie begin to pick apart the ducal finances, and a romance blossoms between the two. Even as Rex reassures Ellie he doesn't care about her station, Ellie knows her past would be another blow to Rex's reputation, which is already in peril. VERDICT The passion is strong in Burrowes's latest entry in this new series. Yet with the Wentworths, who were central to the first book, playing a smaller part and a rather convoluted financial mystery, this may be in less demand by all but Burrowes's devoted fans. The bonus novella from Kelly Bowen is a delight.—Kellie Tilton, Univ. of Cincinnati Blue Ash

Copyright 2019 Library Journal.

PW Reviews 2019 September #1

Burrowes's delightfully geeky and warm third Rogues to Riches Regency (after When a Duchess Says I Do) lets its protagonists impress each other not with riches and beauty, but with intelligence and attention. Charming "Rex" Wrexam, Duke of Elsmore and major stakeholder in Dorset and Becker Savings and Trust, needs a way to discreetly examine his family's disastrous finances before the lawyers of his sisters' suitors do. He asks his colleague Quinn Wentworth, Duke of Walden, to lend him the services of unnervingly meticulous auditor Eleanora Hatfield. Ellie focuses on the work while keeping her distance from Rex, as she distrusts nobles and is embarrassed about her family's criminal activities, but long hours over ledgers turn to trysting, and she allows herself to indulge, despite the seeming impossibility of the two developing a long-term relationship. The likable leads regard each other with intellectual and personal respect, and the investigative threads of the story bond them as partners independent of their attraction. Meanwhile, the caricatured, corrupt fat-cat villains will be fun for readers to hate. Burrowes's fans will find this an excellent continuation of a very strong series. (Nov.)

Copyright 2019 Publishers Weekly.