Fearless felines : 30 true tales of courageous cats / Kimberlie Hamilton ; illustrations by Allie Runnion, Andrew Gardner, Becky Davies, Charlotte Archer, Emma Jayne, Holly Sterling, Hui Skipp, Jessica Smith, Katie Wilson, Lily Rossiter, Michelle Hird, Nan Lawson, Olivia Holden, Rachel Allsop, Rachel Sanson, Bonnie Pang, and Sam Loman.

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      First edition.
    • Abstract:
      Summary: Meet history's most fascinating felines! Travel across the world and throughout the centuries with these fur-raising tales of adventure. Discover the thrilling tales of 30 cats who became the heroes of their own stories. Meet Simon, the cat who became a war hero, or Félicette, the first cat to blast into space, and dozens more, all while expanding your knowledge with fun, cat-themed quizzes and facts.
    • Content Notes:
      Cats can be heroes too! -- What happened when -- Beerbohm, scene-stealing theater cat -- Silly cat superstitions -- Bob, a street cat gone Hollywood -- How to tell if a cat loves you -- Colin's, New Zealand stowaway -- Cats ahoy! -- Csalogány, beloved barnyard buddy -- Dewey, the world's most famous library cat -- Puss in books -- Doorkins, the cathedral kitty who met a queen -- Mystical felines -- Faith, the church cat who inspired a nation -- Do cats have a sixth sense? -- Nine lives: cat survival stories -- Félicette, out-of-this-world astro-cat -- Humphrey, chief mouser of the British Isles -- Mighty mousers! -- Matilda, guest direct-fur at the Algonquin -- Morris, America's first TV cat-lebrity -- Feline entrepurr-neurs -- Mourka, gravity-defying ballet star -- Go, pussycat, go! -- The cat from nose to tail -- Mrs. Chippy, explorer cat aboard the Endurance -- Cats on the move -- Nora, CATcerto kitty -- Lights, camera, catnip! -- Oscar, the cuddly grim reaper -- Spooky cats -- Oscar, the bionic cat -- Feline muses -- Pitoutchi, the kitty who fooled the German army -- Polar Bear, the cat who came for Christmas -- 10 ways to help cats in need -- Pyro, the flying cat of World War II -- Room 8, legendary school mascot -- Life-saving cats -- Sam, the unsinkable cat -- Battle cats! -- Feline war heroes -- Scarlett, courage under fire -- Why are cats so weird? -- Simon, British navy war hero -- Record-breaking cats -- Snowball, the cat who solved a murder -- Socks, America's "First Cat" -- Pussycats in posh places -- Stubbs, Alaskan town mayor -- Cats in charge! -- When cats were gods -- Tama, Japan's furriest stationmaster -- Cat crazy in Japan -- Towser, the world's deadliest distillery cat -- Caution: cats at work -- Trim, Aussie adventurer on the high seas -- A cat-lover's guide to world travel -- Trixie, Tower of London prisoner -- The healing power of cats -- Incredible (but true) cat facts -- Fearless felines timeline.
    • Notes:
      Includes index.
      Age 8-12.
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Booklist Reviews 2019 November #2

There's something conceptually wonderful about a collective biography of cats, as it reminds us that they have always been a part of our mundane human lives. An opening double-spread perfectly captures this feeling with a time line of cat-related landmark moments, ranging from 7500 BCE to 2006 CE. From there, we get light, single-page biographies of more modern felines—mostly from the twentieth century—set opposite their illustrated portraits. Hamilton's playful text is perfectly accessible, expertly blending the cute with the courageous, and in between profiles she inserts informational sections that, among them all, account for a wealth of knowledge on subjects such as common cat superstitions, feline anatomy, lists of movie-star cats, and ways to help cats in need. As for the individual subjects, their stories are surprisingly enticing. The tales of Félicette, out-of-this-world astro cat; Snowball, the cat who solved a murder; Towser, the world's deadliest distillery cat (credited with 28,899 mouse kills); and Oscar, the cuddly grim reaper, will change the way readers view their furry friends. Grades 3-6. Copyright 2019 Booklist Reviews.