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    • Publication Information:
      First edition.
    • Abstract:
      Summary: After being hospitalized for depression, fourteen-year-old Kayla is sent from her home in Trinidad to live with her aunt in Canada, yearning to feel at home but feeling more adrift than ever.
    • Abstract:
      Summary: Moving from Trinidad to Canada wasn't her idea. But after being hospitalized for depression, her mother sees it as the only option. Living with an estranged aunt she barely remembers in Edmonton, she feels more lost than ever. She just wants to be home home, in Trinidad. But this new home also brings unexpected surprises: the chance at a family that loves unconditionally, the possibility of new friends, and the promise of a hopeful future. Maybe here she can feel at home-- if she can only find the courage to be honest with herself. -- adapted from jacket and perusal of book
    • Notes:
      Ages 14&Up. Delacorte Press.
      Grades 10-12. Delacorte Press.
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Booklist Reviews 2020 April #1

An accessible look at teen anxiety and depression through the lens of a Trindadian girl, Allen-Agostini's (The Chalice Project, 2009) second YA novel is an immersive look at different ways the disorder can be disruptive and damaging to young people. After attempting suicide, the 14-year-old protagonist (her name is not mentioned until the very end of the story) is shipped from her home in Trinidad to live with her aunt and aunt's partner in Canada, and she spends most of the book trapped inside her own head with dispiriting thoughts about her intelligence and appearance. While she does take antidepressants and antianxiety medication, they are not portrayed as a panacea or quick fix; instead, they are just one of several tools she uses to fight the disease. The book shines in its depictions of the physical and emotional aspects of anxiety and depression. While the deliberate pacing and introspective focus of the story may not appeal to all readers, teens of color coping with mental illness will find common cause with this Trini girl's journey toward self-actualization and healing. Grades 8-10. Copyright 2020 Booklist Reviews.

Horn Book Magazine Reviews 2020 #4

After a suicide attempt, Kayla, a fourteen-year-old brown-skinned girl from Trinidad, is packed off to Canada by her strict single mother to recover in the loving care of Kayla’s free-spirited aunt. Throughout the summer, she receives treatment for anxiety and depression, adjusts to the twin novelties of suburban Edmonton and Aunty Jillian’s lesbian relationship (which is interracial), and contemplates the differences between life in Canada and life back in Trinidad. Her first romance and the troubled mother-daughter relationship drive the plot as she realizes what “home” really means and in which country her future lies. Kayla’s first-person narrative, which includes interspersed diary entries as well as reflections on serious issues such as homophobia and teenage pregnancy, is by turns moving, insightful, and wry, providing an authentic window into the perceptions of a teen suffering from depression. Her self-absorption, while reasonable, is glossed over; thus, the book misses an opportunity to explore an oft-misunderstood aspect of mental illness as well as the strain it can have on relationships. The author’s attempts to broaden perspectives on LGBTQIA+ people and mentally ill people give the novel more depth than some of Kayla’s references to Trinidadians (“real Trinis”; “Trinidadians made jokes about everything. We laughed at life”). This and the sporadic intrusion of an adult-sounding voice are minor flaws in an otherwise thoughtful and well-paced story filled with realistic and complex family dynamics. Summer Edward July/August 2020 p.130 Copyright 2020 Horn Book Magazine Reviews.