To kill a mocking girl / Harper Kincaid.

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      First edition.
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      Summary: Quinn Victoria Caine is back in her quirky town of Vienna, Virginia, starting her new life as a bookbinder in her family-owned charm-for-days bookshop Prose & Scones. With her trusty German Shephard RBG--Ruff Barker Ginsburg--by her side, what can go wrong? Okay, sure, bumping into her ex Scott or her former high-school nemesis Tricia is a drag. It certainly doesn't help that they've acquired the new hobby of shoving their recent engagement in her face every chance they get. But that doesn't mean Quinn wanted to find Tricia dead in the road. So why does half the town think she may have done it? Quinn is determined to find Tricia's killer, even if it means partnering with her cousin-turned-nun Sister Daria and Detective Aiden Harrington, her older brother's too-movie-star-handsome-for-his-own-good best friend. They believe she's innocent, but, of course, that doesn't influence the police, who peg her as their prime suspect. Or, at least they do until she's poisoned. But there is no way Quinn is going to stop now. Vienna is her town and--for better or worse--Tricia was one of their own. Someone may have killed the mocking girl, but no one's going to stop the notorious QVC.-- Publisher's description.
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      Series numeration from
      Includes recipes.
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Booklist Reviews 2020 April #2

After teaching English abroad for several years, Quinn Caine has returned to her hometown of Vienna, Virginia. Even as she works to build a book-restoration business at her parents' bookstore and establish herself as an adult, she is also thrust back into high-school drama by twin "mean girls" Tricia and Trina Pemberley, who are partners in a successful realty company. Quinn is lunching with her older brother, Sebastian, a firefighter, when Trish and her fiancé, whom Quinn briefly dated, arrive. Trish flaunts her engaged status, mocking Quinn's single state. That night, while walking her dog, Quinn hears a car peel off, then finds Trish's body and quickly becomes the prime suspect. The dreamy detective Aiden Harrington quizzes her about the scene at the restaurant, and Officer Wyatt Reynolds is ready to lock her up on the spot. But more is going on, as there was a similar mysterious death a few months earlier. First in a new series from a romance writer, this engaging cozy blends romance, or at least the potential for it, with revenge. Copyright 2020 Booklist Reviews.

PW Reviews 2020 March #1

Quinn Caine, the 20-something heroine of this enjoyable series launch from Kincaid (The Wonder of You), has just returned from teaching abroad to Vienna, Va., to work as a bookbinder at the family bookstore. A lot has changed in her hometown. Her once rambunctious cousin, Elizabeth Anne Caine, is now Sister Daria, a nun in training, and her high school nemesis, Trisha Pemberley, is engaged to Scott Hauser, whom Quinn once dated briefly. One night, while walking Ruff Barker Ginsburg, her German shepherd, Quinn comes across Trisha's body in the park. The police officer who responds to her call, also a newcomer to Vienna, Wyatt Reynolds, seems to have known the victim and regards Quinn with suspicion. When Quinn and Sister Daria begin to investigate, they discover that Trisha was at odds with her twin, Trina, over Trisha's relationship with Wyatt, and that Trisha and Scott were hiding a secret. Meanwhile, Quinn reconnects with her secret crush, Aiden Harrington, now a police detective. Smooth prose, realistic characters, a budding romance, and not too much silliness make this cozy a winner. Tantalizing recipes round out the volume. Agent: Jill Marsal, Marsal Lyon Literary. (May)

Copyright 2020 Publishers Weekly.