Everything is spiritual : who we are and what we're doing here / Rob Bell.

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      First edition.
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      Summary: "In his profound and deeply personal new book, New York Times bestselling author Rob Bell explores the endless dynamic questions and connections that have shaped his life to provide powerful insight into understanding your purpose and place in the world. Our home is a universe of endless dynamic connections that never stop inviting us to participate in the great mysterious love at the heart of it all. Everything is Spiritual is a brief history of how these ideas about creation, love, and connection shaped the author--and can shape every one of us. In this book, Rob Bell explores the concept that what people really want, more than anything, is to understand their purpose here--so much so that it gives them an abiding sense of awe and wonder. And when you embrace where and who you come from and your wounds and pains and regrets, you will discover that there's an invitation lurking there in the mess of life: an invitation to expand just like the universe has been doing for 13 billions years. There is a space beyond all the parts and divisions and differences and polarization where you see that it's all one connected whole and it's all rigged in favor of your growth, expansion, and joy"-- Provided by publisher.
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Booklist Reviews 2020 September #1

In his new book, Bell, the best-selling author of Love Wins (2011), podcaster, and spiritual teacher, considers not only making personal connections but also finding connections through the centuries. He is an expert at identifying and making sense of paradoxes, whether referencing the continuity of generations or the fragility of maintaining relationships. "We come from somewhere," he writes. "We come from somebody." Particular words ring out here, such as randomness and uncertainty. Although there are dark moments, what interests Bell is what can emerge from the darkness and how we can find our own version of transcendence. Presented as one long, nonlinear piece, there are no chapters; his narrative covers seminal moments in his life, from contracting viral meningitis to watching the Australian rock band Midnight Oil, transfixed by the charismatic front man, Peter Garrett, and the absolute joy he expresses as he sings about social justice. Bell looks at the world, at the universe, with both childlike wonder and insatiable curiosity. A lovely, poetic meditation on what brings us together. Copyright 2020 Booklist Reviews.

PW Reviews 2020 June #5

Former evangelical Christian pastor Bell (Love Wins) persuasively preaches a gospel of embracing one's story in this enjoyable mix of memoir and sermon. Bell was a star in the evangelical Christian firmament until he left his Michigan megachurch (a term, he notes, that made him wince) and challenged conservative Christians with his 2011 book, Love Wins, which argued all people will be saved. Bell anchors his musings in family history (particularly the deaths of an uncle and great-grandfather he never met who he's felt have "been present in life since the beginning") to establish his premise that "everything is connected to everything else." He traces his spiritual journey through college and seminary and details formative events that led him from being an assistant pastor to founding Mars Hill Church, where he established a national reputation. Throughout, Bell encourages readers to embrace change, and his reflections on his time as a pastor are both grounded and imaginative, and make more sense than some of his meanderings into such areas as particle physics. Bell's vigorous, quirky outing will appeal to progressive Christians. (Aug.)

Copyright 2020 Publishers Weekly.