Last night's election results validated what this community has consistently demonstrated for many years- the Fayetteville Public Library is the heart and soul of our city. By an impressive vote margin our community stepped up and agreed that the library needs to expand to meet growing demand, and it needs the operational and maintenance funds to continue to provide world class services well into the future. 

There are many people to thank for this victory. Too many to name them all, but I would especially like to thank:

My Family: Holly, Cecelia & Russ

My library family, each and every one of you!

Jeff Koenig & the Build Fayetteville's Future team:

  • Kim Agee
  • George Shelton
  • Autumn Sehy
  • Phil Taylor
  • Bryn Bagwell
  • Lindsley & Stephen Smith
  • Laura Windburn
  • Hanna Withers
  • Bob Stafford
  • Evelyn Rios

Fayetteville Public Library Board of Trustees

Long Term Revenue Committee

Millage Committee

Fayetteville Public Library Foundation members

Friends of the Fayetteville Public Library

Jeff Scherer and the Meyer, Scherer & Rockcastle team

Bill Mitchell

Mayor Jordan & his team at the city

All the City Council Members

Bo Bittle with Stephens

Gordon Wilborn with Kutak & Rock

Fayetteville Farmer's Market for giving us the corner of Block & Central every Saturday morning

Apple Blossom Brewing Company

West Mountain Brewery informal campaign headquarters

All of the volunteers who gave graciously of their time, supporting the library, making phone calls, reaching out to friends, helping spread the news that the library was in need.

Al Gore for inventing the Internet! Without that we would not have had all of our Web Warriors out there teaching people the need for our expansion and fighting the good fight, neutralizing falsehoods and wrong-minded thinking.

Last but not least, the Community of Fayetteville for once again stepping up to support their library and look to the future with us as we chart a path towards another Best Library in America award.

As we move forward building the library's future, we are going to once again ask for the community to get involved. This time it will not be at the ballot box. That work has been done.  Now we'll need the community to help in the designing of the new library expansion. We are going to repeat the same process of public input sessions that led to the magnificent, award winning Blair Library building. We'll build the Fayetteville Public Library's future together!

David Johnson

Executive Director, Fayetteville Public Library