What type of items are included in the Project Fayetteville Digital Archive?
  • Photographs (various sizes; small/photo-booth sizes, medium/3 inch by 3 inch or standard post card size, and large/panoramic)
  • Leather journal
  • Documents
  • Postcards
  • Scrapbooks
  • Letters and envelopes
  • *Currently seeking audio and video files of Fayetteville musicians
Access to the archive

Anyone can access the “web preview” (e.g. low resolution) version of all scanned materials in the Fayetteville Digital Image Archive. Currently, to access the full size (e.g. high resolution) version, users must request access. To request access, click on the full size version of the image and it will take you to a log in screen. Enter in your Fayetteville Public Library card number and pin. If you do not have a library card with the Fayetteville Public Library, please contact us at questions@faylib.org or 479.856.7250.

To request permission to use an image in a publication, please complete the Request Permission for Publication Form and return to the library. (provide link to form)

Searching tips

Search Archive:

Leave the asterisk (*) in the search bar and it will retrieve all items in the digial collection.


Remove the * from the search bar and enter in a keyword (e.g. North College AvenueLake SequoyahPeople).

You can also search by collections, such as Lewis Family Collection or the City of Fayetteville Collection.

If you see an image you really like, click on one of the subject headings in its record to see similar images. For example, you discover the Fayetteville Pet Hospital and want to see what other businesses are available, click on “Full Description” and then click on a desired subject term such as Business and Industry. Then, click on the subject term again and it will retrieve all items in the Fayetteville Digital Image Archive with that subject.