Riders on the Orphan Train with Alison Moore and Phil Lancaster

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Novelist and Humanities Scholar Alison Moore and singer/songwriter Phil Lancaster have combined audio visual elements, historical fiction and musical ballads into a collaborative performance that brings the Orphan Trains, a largely-unknown chapter in American history, to the public.

The one-hour multi-media presentation, Riders on the Orphan Train, tells the story of the 250,000 orphans and unwanted children who were put on trains in New York between 1854 and 1929 and sent all over the United States to be given away. An estimated 1200 of these children came to Texas. The presentation is comprised of original music, an audio-visual presentation of archival photographs and interviews with surviving orphan train riders (one who came to Greenville, TX) and is followed by a dramatic recitation from a forthcoming historical novel about the Orphan Trains by Alison Moore.