Please join us on Wednesday, February 13 at 6 pm for a Musical Time Capsule: The Evolution of Kansas City Jazz brought to us by the Faulkner Performing Arts Center.

  •  “Jazz was born in New Orleans, but it grew up in Kansas City.” – B. McDevitt 

Jeff Freling and Erin McGrane of Victor & Penny offer a highly entertaining, living musical history lesson as they delve into a topic close to their hearts: the roots and evolution of Kansas City Jazz. From Euday Bowman’s 1913 composition,“12th Street Rag” to Charlie Parker’s classic 1946 “Yardbird Suite”, experience how the face of popular music changed in the first half of the 20th century. 

In the course of a 75-minute live concert and presentation, Jeff and Erin bring to life the birth of the Kansas City Jazz sound and the elements that make this music so compelling. The duo takes you to Kansas City during the great depression, when boss Tom Pendergast blatantly rejected Prohibition and KC became known as the Paris of the Plains, a hotbed of creativity and new ideas. Hear how Jazz cut its teeth in this rich culture as its early innovators began to change the sound of the art form.  Soon, Jazz was on its way to national notoriety.  The presentation puts the listener inside the music to hear how Walter Page’s 4-beat bass lines began to drive the rhythm, how Charlie Parker turned harmony and melody on its side, and how Big Joe Turner made what many regard as one of the first Rock n Roll recordings… in 1938! It all comes together as these elements reveal the inspiration behind Victor & Penny’s sound, born of this unique, hard-swinging Kansas City style.

Driven by McGrane and Freling’s effortless and engaging style, this presentation offers a fun and captivating look into the music of the city that was coined “the Paris of the Plains” in the 1930s. A must attend for fans of music and history alike.


Victor & Penny and the Loose Change Orchestra will be appearing at the Faulkner Performing Arts Center on Thursday, February 14 at 7:30 pm.  Victor & Penny deliver swing-infused folk-jazz in the band's signature high-energy style with joy, humor, and soaring musical improvisation.  V&P were named "Best Folk Ensemble 2015" by the PITCH; "Standout Concert of the Year" by the Joplin Globe; and are the two-time Folk Alliance International official showcase artists.  For more information or tickets, visit