Are you a true crime fan? Drop in to discuss interesting true crime stories and find new books and movies to explore. This week will be discussing the art of mystery fiction writing with local author, Jane Elzey. 

Jane Elzey is a mischief-maker, story-teller, and bender of the facts. A career journalist, she now writes modern-day, not-so-cozy mysteries without much regard for the truth. Born and raised a wild child on Florida’s sandy beaches, Jane now lives in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas. An insatiable world traveler, Jane turns her bucket list travels into backdrop settings for her books, sharing destinations with armchair readers on the hunt for whodunnit. Jane Elzey writes about four mature women who love to play games … while the husbands die trying. (The husband always dies.)

Book Blurb "Dying for Dominoes"

It’s all fun and games until Amy’s best friend wants her husband gone and then he’s found dead. Now Amy fears a not-so-innocent game of dominoes has turned into premeditated murder with a little help from some friends. Scrambled evidence and sketchy alibis compel Amy to uncover the truth before they all land in jail for murder.
How did a game of dominoes turn so deadly? And who killed the husband? If she can’t solve the crime in time, there’s more at stake than Amy realizes. She knows what she has to do -- find the courage to face her doubts and learn the true meaning of friendship. All while hunting down a killer on the run. Will she unravel the facts and the fibbery fast enough to keep them safe? Not if her misadventure through the back roads of Arkansas keeps derailing her plans. Amy risks everything to hunt down the truth, but what she doesn’t know might kill her, too. If you like playing games, puzzle mysteries with unexpected twists and turns, and amateur sleuths with southern sass that’s anything but cookie-cutter sweet, then you’ll love Jane Elzey’s fast-paced cozy whodunnit.

Dying for Dominoes is the first book in the Cardboard Cottage Mystery series by Jane Elzey. Her second book, Dice a Deadly Sea is due out in November.