Join Martha Londagin, Capital Access Manager for the NWA Kiva Hub, for a discussion on how to apply for the Kiva microloan program and how it can benefit your small business. 

About the NWA Kiva Hub: The NWA Kiva Hub provides guidance for entrepreneurs to gain access to crowd-funded loans for historically and economically-disadvantaged small business owners via the platform. The local NWA Kiva program is funded by the Walton Family Foundation and includes a $450,000 matching-loan fund it provided to Kiva for Benton and Washington County approved borrowers. This international loan program began in 2005 and was launched in the US in 2011. It provides 0% interest, no fee, no collateral pledge loans from $1,000-$10,000 (and up to $15,000 for the COVID 19 program for 2020) for disadvantaged borrowers unable to obtain capital through traditional lending programs. The loans are paid back in 12-36 months via Kiva US to the community persons and organizations that lend to the borrowers via the national platform (with 6 months deferred under the current COVID 19 relief program). This is the first step in helping borrowers build a “capital ladder” to eventually improve their business credit and business operations in order to seek future growth funding from local lending institutions.  The first-ever Kiva Northwest Arkansas loan was made in early 2020 to a Springdale, AR restaurant. This Kiva program serves sole proprietors operating under a d/b/a certificate and those incorporated as an LLC. NEW WEBSITE

About Martha Londagin: Martha Londagin is an Executive Consultant with the Startup Junkie Foundation ( She consults with small business owners and entrepreneurs in the region regarding all aspects of starting a business or growing their current businesses and maintaining economic viability. Startup Junkie is a team of passionate people working every day to empower entrepreneurs and innovators in Arkansas through its many events it hosts each month, consultations with over 800 regional entrepreneurs annually, and its varied programs in collaboration with NWA groups, institutions, schools, cities, and community organizations. It also has a central Arkansas program based in Conway at UCA named the Conductor. Startup Junkie is funded through partnerships with the Walton Family Foundation, the AEDC, the United States SBA, and a federal Economic Development program. The services and events of the Startup Junkie Foundation and the Conductor are provided to the public at no-cost due to partnership funding. Martha has worked as a business banker, business attorney, Walton College small business center consultant, and as a public-school educator. She is currently also the Capital Access Manager for the NWA Kiva Hub providing guidance for entrepreneurs to gain access to crowd-funded loans for  historically and economically-disadvantaged small business owners via the platform. She is a the former chairperson of the Rogers-Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce Small Business Council.

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