Come join us in June for FPL's 2020 virtual Mountain Street Stage Summer Music Series featuring Dandelion Heart performing a beautiful blend of folk, blues, bluegrass, indie and more.

Wild with purpose, the ladies of Dandelion Heart endeavor to create a unique Americana sound, blended from four individual songwriting styles. These dandies are rooted in Northwest Arkansas, with a passion for making music, and having fun creating with each other. This group of four vocalists & multi-instrumentalists creates a dynamic set that is fluidly shifting throughout. Dandelion Heart strives to capture the beauty in simplicity, with penetrating harmonies and at times, sparse instrumentation.  Expect to hear a blend of folk, blues, bluegrass, rock & indie sounds from this up and coming, hometown band.

To ensure the health and safety of all the performers and our music loving community and (do to the COV'D virus), the Mountain Street Summer concerts will be live streamed only.  They will be availablel for viewing and replay via our FPL Liverstream page at: So put on your dancing shoes, clap your hands, howl if you'd like, whatever you can to enjoy some great summer sounds!

This is the last of our summer concerts this season. With the library expansion, we hope to be bring you lots more wonderful, entertaining and delightful afternoons.

For more information call the Help Desk at 479.856.7250 or email: