Coffee’s history is so much more than the tale of how the brew extracted from a bitter bean became a much-loved, or at least much-needed, beverage. Join in as we follow the bean and the brew as they traveled from the highlands of Ethiopia and Yemen to the world’s first coffeehouses in the Muslim world and onward around the globe. Inspiring great admiration and vociferous criticism, coffee has, and continues, to connect people to one another whether close to home or on distant shores. Grab a cup and bring along your questions and stories as we connect to talk about a drink that is both ubiquitous and elusive.


Jeanette M. Fregulia is Associate Professor and Chair in the Department of History at Carroll College in Helena, Montana. She holds an MA in Middle East Studies from the University of London, School of Oriental and African Studies, and a Ph.D. in Renaissance History from the University of Nevada, Reno. Her research and publications center on commerce, trade, and cultural exchanges between Medieval/early modern Italy and the eastern Mediterranean, and also on the history of the Middle East and Islam. In addition to articles and book chapters, her first book, A Rich and Tantalizing Brew, a History of How Coffee Connected the World was published by the University of Arkansas Press in March 2019. She has two additional books under advance contract with Taylor and Francis.


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