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FPL Partner 

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A. Purpose

Fayetteville Public Library welcomes the opportunity to work in informal partnerships with nonprofit organizations, businesses, government agencies, individuals and other groups to expand the capacity of library programs and services.  

A partnership of this nature is defined as a mutually beneficial collaboration between FPL and an external organization. (This is not a “partnership” of a commercial nature, i.e., as a business or for-profit.) These informal partnerships provide or promote library services and/or programming that support the library’s mission. 

When evaluating potential partners, FPL is guided by the following considerations:

  1. A partnership:
    1. Enables FPL to fulfill its mission in the community in new or expanded ways.
    2. Provides a benefit to both FPL and the partner through expanded services, new opportunities, increased
    3. recognition or similar benefits.
    4. Is beneficial to the public and is consistent with FPL’s mission to provide equal access to library services.
    5. Connects FPL with new audiences and cross-promotes library services.
    6. Must not give unfair advantage to, or create discrimination against, any sectors of the community.
    7. Can be accommodated with FPL’s current schedule, resources and facilities capacity.
  2. Expectations: 
    1. A partnership involves FPL staff to successfully carry out the project.
    2. Library programs are free and open to the public.
    3. Partnerships will require a written agreement to clearly define the contemplated project, expectations, responsibilities, evaluation and promotion.
    4. FPL does not accept any support that implies or requires endorsements of products.
    5. FPL reserves the right to terminate an existing informal partnership should conditions arise during the term of the partnership that conflict with this policy or that partnership no longer supports the best interests of FPL. Partnerships may also be terminated if terms and deadlines outlined in the partnership letter of intent are not met.
    6. Partners will not be permitted to use the FPL’s name for commercial purposes or in connection with the promotion of any product or service.
    7. FPL does not advocate or endorse the content and viewpoints of partnering organizations or individuals.
    8. Any materials created describing FPL, its programs and the nature of the partnership for use in press releases, presentations or other communications must be submitted to FPL to confirm prior approval.
    9. Any partnership agreement will not supersede any other FPL policy.

Code: KX

Date: 12/12/22