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Use of Meeting Rooms in Blair Library

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A. Overview

The purpose of the library’s meeting rooms is to provide space for library programs and events; to fulfill the library’s role as a community center where the public can attend informational, educational, cultural and civic events; and to champion the principle of intellectual freedom by providing a forum for the exchange of ideas. The library permits the public to use its facilities and meeting rooms when such use does not interfere with library-sponsored programs and services.

It is the policy of the Fayetteville Public Library to provide meeting room space to Fayetteville residents, governmental agencies, nonprofit groups and local businesses and associations. Permission to use a library meeting room does not in any way constitute the library’s endorsement of the group or individual’s policies or beliefs, and no claim to that effect may be used, explicitly or implicitly, in advertising. The library neither approves nor disapproves of content, ideas or subject matter presented in meeting rooms and does not accept responsibility for ensuring accuracy or that all points of view are represented.

Use of the library’s meeting rooms and other spaces must meet the policies approved by the library’s board of trustees; any activities that are inconsistent with these policies will be denied or terminated. This policy shall be administered by the executive director, or her/his designee(s), who is (are) authorized to make any exceptions to this policy when in the best interest of the public and the library. The Fayetteville Public Library and the board of trustees are not responsible for accidents, injury or loss of individual property while using the meeting rooms.

B. Meeting Rooms available
  1. Willard & Pat Walker Community Room

  2. Art & Movement Room

  3. Ann Henry Board Room

  4. First Security Bank Board Room

  5. Teaching Kitchen

C. Library rights & requirements
  1. The library reserves the right to change or cancel reservations for meeting rooms. If changes or cancellations are necessary, the library will provide the affected group with as much notice as possible.

  2. The library reserves the right to publish a list of meetings taking place in its meeting rooms, place a sign announcing the name of the group and the time it is meeting, move low attendance groups to a smaller, more appropriate room where applicable and require changes in reservations due to conflicts with library programs.

  3. The library requires prior notice and approval for any needed assistance from library staff.

  4. Library personnel will have open access to meeting rooms at all times. Failure to meet this requirement may cancel the meeting and shall be grounds for denial of future use of library meeting space.

  5. When the library closes because of an electrical or heating/cooling equipment failure, power outage or a weather-related emergency, all efforts will be made to notify organizations scheduled to use a meeting room. During adverse weather conditions, the group should check with the library or local media for closing information.

D. Uses Not permitted
  1. Commercial uses (e.g. bazaars, special benefit sales, retail sales) and programs designed to promote the purchase of products or services.

  2. Fundraising events that do not directly support Fayetteville Public Library.

  3. Social events and parties (e.g. birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, weddings, play groups).

  4. Political rallies supporting or opposing a specific candidate.

  5. Meetings requiring or soliciting admission fee or donation.

  6. Meetings outside of library hours except with approval.

E. Responsibilities of users 
  1. No organization or group using the meeting rooms will discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, gender expression, national origin, disability, marital or family status, sexual orientation, political opinions or socioeconomic status.

  2. Those using meeting rooms are responsible for maintaining order. Appropriate conduct is expected as a condition of room use.

  3. Communicate all room setup needs to event coordinator by established deadlines. Room setup changes cannot be accommodated on the day of the reservation. Room setup must be requested and approved by the event coordinator prior to the reservation date.

  4. Nothing may be affixed to walls, flooring, woodwork, ceiling or furniture. All decorations must have approval of event coordinator.

  5. Food allowances will be made on a case-by-case basis.

  6. No alcoholic beverages except with prior approval. Sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited.

  7. No lit candles, open flames, cooking or smoking.

  8. No use of auxiliary lighting or special equipment without prior approval.

  9. No blocking off windows, locking of meeting room doors or use of emergency exit doors for anything but their intended purpose.

  10. All meetings and set up/tear down for meetings must be held during library hours unless prior authorization has been granted.

  11. Meetings must take place within the confines of the room.

  12. Entrances and exits must take place through the main library doors.

  13. Meeting room users must follow all applicable city codes.

  14. The renter is fully responsible for assuring that sound levels during the entire reservation comply with the City of Fayetteville code, as well as staying within acceptable limits as approved by the event coordinator at time of booking so as not to disturb other library patrons.

  15. Abuse to a meeting room, to the library building or to the contents of the library may result in the termination of the privilege to use the library’s facilities. Matters of abuse may be defined as, but are not limited to:
    1. Damage to the room, building or contents. The group using the room when the damage occurs, including the soiling of carpets, walls, furnishings etc, is responsible for the cost of repair, cleaning or replacement.

    2. Failure to follow guidelines for providing security while in the building.

    3. Failure to leave the room before or at closing time unless approval for afterhours use was granted by library administration.

    4. Failure to leave the room or building in a neat and clean condition.

    5. Failure to submit a signed “meeting completion” form at the end of the meeting or event.

    6. Failure to notify the library of meeting time changes or cancellations.

    7. Excessive noise or activity which disturbs other library patrons.

    8. Failure to pay assessed library fees.

    9. Failure to adhere to library policies.
  16. Failure to comply with this policy may result in denial of future use of the library meeting rooms, financial liability for damages and/or immediate removal from the meeting room.

F. Charges for use of meeting rooms
  1. Reservations are honored on a first-come, first-served basis. A reservation is not final until all required paperwork is completed and approved by the library, and all initial deposits are paid in full.

  2. If different than the default setup, the room setup diagram must be submitted to the event coordinator a minimum of 30 days before the event.

  3. Individuals booking rooms, with the exception of study rooms, must be at least 18 years old.

  4. Applicants must designate one individual as a contact person, who must have a valid and up-to-date Fayetteville Public Library card; some exceptions may be made. That person is responsible for scheduling and supervising the activities of the group and must present the library card or a valid photo ID before the meeting room is opened. Applicants must complete required paperwork and make any required deposits or payments before a reservation is confirmed. The name of the authorizing individual, sponsoring organization and contact person are required at the time of booking.

  5.  For optimal use of the Library’s AV systems, use of FPL equipment (including laptops) is recommended and available for use by paying the applicable fee. Please see the library’s website for a complete list of available equipment. Renters choosing to use their own laptops are still subject to the AV system fee for projector use. It is the responsibility of these groups to request the equipment at the time the room is scheduled. Additional fees apply for equipment use. Charges for damaged equipment or software will be billed to the authorizing individual or sponsoring organization.

  6. Advance booking is as follows:
    1. Reservations can be made up to 12 months in advance for the meeting rooms.

    2. Groups meeting once a month can reserve for a 12-month period. Groups meeting more than once a month can reserve for periods up to 6 months.

    3. Rooms are not reserved until the application has been approved by the event coordinator.

  7. The library requires written notification of cancellation no fewer than 30 days in advance. Deposits will be forfeited without notification of cancellation. Two no-shows for reservations will result in the cancellation of all other events for the year.

G. Procedure for day of meeting
  1. Prior to the start of the meeting, the group representative must check-in with her/his library card or valid photo ID and sign a “meeting attendance” form.

  2. Groups must use the room for the purpose stated on the booking form. Any changes must be approved by the event coordinator prior to the reservation date. Occupancy may not exceed the stated limit.

  3. Room setup changes cannot be accommodated on the day of the reservation. Room setup must be requested and approved by the event coordinator prior to reservation date.

  4. The Fayetteville Public Library asks clients to “clean as they go” during their events. The library will provide clients with trash and recycling bins, the number of which will be determined by the anticipated number of guests at the event. Basic cleaning supplies will be supplied by the library. Per the City of Fayetteville, clients must recycle recyclable materials and the use of Styrofoam is prohibited. When events are finished, rooms must be returned to their pre-meeting condition, i.e. neat, clean and with tables and chairs as originally laid out.

  5. Meeting rooms must be vacated fifteen minutes before library closing time unless prior arrangements have been made. All room straightening and cleanup must be completed prior to library closing time. Additional fees may apply for extra staff time.

  6. The group representative must check out at the end of each meeting and report any damage to the room, carpet, doors, furniture or equipment, etc. A library staff member will inspect the room for cleanliness and damage.

Code KV

Date 6/21/04

Date Revised 8/16/04; 9/3/04; 10/6/04; 12/19/05; 1/16/06; 9/18/06; 8/20/07; 02/14/08(D); 2/16/09; 10/17/16; 12/8/20(D)